Gas Station Part of Plans for Land at Route 53 and Romeo Road

Monday, September 21st 2015

CHICAGO, IL – A concept plan for a new multi-tenant retail development, including a gas station, was presented to Romeoville trustees at a board meeting on Sept. 16.

The developer, Troutman and Dams LLC, is under contract to purchase 10.7 acres from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Joliet near the corner of Illinois Route 53 and Romeo Road. The corner plot is currently part of the Resurrection Cemetery.

The main project at this point is to construct a new 4,411-square-foot Thorntons gas station and convenience store with 10 gas pumps, according to village officials. There will be a total of 36 parking spaces around the convenience store.

The store will be constructed with brick and stone and will include brick a monument sign. Documents also indicate that the developer eventually wants to construct a restaurant, car wash and retail shops on the corner site.

“As we indicated before, more projects are coming along for the Route 53 corridor,” Romeoville Mayor John Noak said. “Interest continues to grow for development in the area.”

Trustees were also presented with a concept plan for a new diesel fueling station at the corner of Illinois Route 53 and Joliet Road. Documents indicate that the 3.6-acre lot will have a 7,000-square-foot retail store and 32 parking spaces. Video gaming machines also are being considered for the site, according to village officials.

Noak said the diesel fueling station will be in close proximity to several industrial parks and Interstate 55. He added, however, that the fueling station will not be a truck stop. It will be only a place for drivers of trucks and other diesel vehicles to fuel up and purchase items in the store. He said the triangle plot on the corner has limited parking for trucks.

Lastly, trustees at the meeting reviewed a concept plan by Panattoni Development Co. to construct a new 723,200-square-foot office/warehouse building on an agricultural field near Airport Road and Pinnacle Drive.

Panattoni is also considering constructing a second similar warehouse adjacent to the structure, but has not submitted a plan at this time. At a meeting in August, trustees were also presented with a final development plan for a 675,787-square-foot warehouse on 37.2 acres that are within the boundaries of Lewis Airport in Romeoville.

The Joliet Regional Port District, which owns and operates the airport, will lease the land to Panattoni for the development, according to village officials. The site, which is now farmed with corn and soybeans, is not far from the airport’s two runways.

Noak, who also serves as a trustee on the Joliet Regional Port District, said the warehouse development will help create revenue for the port district.